President (interim CEO) // Juha Mattila (the chief) // co-founder // partner

 “Hi, I´m Juha, the CEO and founder of Reality Creating media Ltd working for Shadow Election-project since 2010. For a long time I have been interested in democratic decision making and how to incorporate modern web tools to support it. Also politics, both national and international is something I have grown into after I turned 30. I used to work in the military and security business responsible for big units with hundreds of subordinates. The biggest realization from my leadership career has been the power of involving everyone to the decision making process. I believe that participation in politics is experiencing a dramatic change within the next few years. It will be a hot, social object.”

CTO // Alex "Setä" Keskitalo (the rockhacker) // co-founder // partner

“Hi, I´m Alex the CTO and founder of Reality Creating Media Ltd working for Shadow Election -project since 2010. I have been implementing various web development projects throughout the second millennium. My approach to improve democracy is mainly on the technological side of it. Facebook -coding is my newest specialty and I´m trying to stay one step ahead in the Facebook´s constantly changing environment. I have had the idea of Shadow Election since 2005. Besides “hacking” during the night hours I have a musical career. Back in the days I made a Finnish summer hit and since then I have been traveling around Europe with my progressive rock band.”

Chairman // Richard von Kaufmann (the creative wiseguy) // co-founder // Partner

“Hi, I've been working on the Shadow Election project since 2010 and have been focusing on building international partnerships. I am also the co-founder of a Finnish leading social media agency Zipipop. The rise of “Arabic spring” has shown the potential of social media in democratic movements; however, social media should now go from revolution to democratic evolution.   Therefore, I am particularly interested in bringing Shadow Election to Africa since I was born there and believe that this service would help in the ongoing efforts to build up and secure the democratic foundations."

Head of Brand & UX // Maari Fabritius (interaction guru) // Partner

"Hei! as we say in Finnish. I'm the Head of Brand & User Experience. Since the beginning of my career in interactive media design, right now is the most exciting time to be working in this field. Social media has been a true game changer. I believe that all human beings around the globe are fundamentally similar, we all want to take care of our loved ones, live peaceful & happy lives.  In Shadow Election, we want to take democracy to the next level. We believe that the most important political debates are the ones going on in social media and on our living room sofas, people talking with their friends of how policies affect their lives."

Director // Duncan Goldie-Scot (the connector) // Partner

"I'm Duncan.  the co-founder of a microfinance institution in Kenya and a director of various social enterprises in the UK and USA, where I now live.  Before starting in microfinance, I ran my own publishing company and also wrote books about emerging market banking and finance. I have been passionate about encouraging political engagement since working in Switzerland as a student.  I believe social media will allow participatory politics for the rest of the world; and for this reason I have been helping build connections to facilitate the development of Shadow Election, and I am also an early-stage investor in the project."