Mission Statement



To capture and highlight global opinions so strongly that political leaders are better informed and motivated to solve global issues. And to promote and empower individuals selected by a vast community of globally-concerned citizens to represent these opinions, and provide them with networked resources to help ensure the universally endorsed solutions are carried out for the benefit of all nations.


In most political systems mainstream parties dominate the traditional media and existing power structures, thereby restricting the breadth and depth of debate and alienating many voters. Shadow Election aims to capture the power of social media to increase democratic participation, and level out the political playing field by providing social media-based solutions for supporters to promote their candidates.


We will create a global community of supporters and aligned organizations through our mission goals and the use of ultra transparent systems made possible by web-based technologies (e.g. real-time, publically viewable accounting), together with open source and open data policies.

To enable the project to become self supporting it will be managed via the for-profit social enterprise company Reality Creating Media  – registered in Finland (a country consistently ranked at the highest levels of good governance).