Advisory Board

Peter Vesterbacka

Peter is well-known internationally for his involvement in Angry Birds (Rovio), however, he has also played a crucial role igniting the mobile development scene globally via the MobileMonday community he co-founded.

In Finland he has continuously been on the ground inspiring startups to think bigger. This is epitomized by his efforts in helping to make the Slush startup conference (held in Helsinki) a major European event.

Like the late Steve Jobs, Peter has his own reality distortion field that can make the impossible seem perfectly probable.

Matthias Wevelsiep

Matthias works as an adviser for ICT on statebuilding at Martti Ahtisaari's Crisis Management Initiative.

He is interested in the project in regards to how it could help promote democratic participation, and bring about lasting peaceful resolutions through improved public discourse.

Timo Honkela

Professor, research on digital resources
University of Helsinki and National Library of Finland

*NOTE: Shadow Election plans to make the data it gathers open at some point, however, we have not yet decided exactly how.