Monday, February 23, 2015

Shadow Election — Looking for a new leader

Shadow Election has been a four year adventure exploring ways to harness social media to improve global democracy.

So far it has been a series of experiments and we have had some exhilarating highs (e.g. gaining over 10,000+ Facebook fans in one week on a number of occasions), but for sure there have been the inevitable lows – particularly with the struggle to gain significant traction in developed countries. However, with a combined global Facebook fan base of over 130,000 we are certain that there is great deal of interest in our aims.  

Based on our learnings we see that the future lies in pursuing two lines of development: crowdfunded Social Advocacy and Parallel Politics.

Social Advocacy

The aim is to enable communities to advocate on an equal footing in relation to the fractional minority of individuals and special interest groups who overly influence which candidates will make it through to public elections, and thereby control crucial (but often too specific to be of general interest) points of global activity in favour of their own concerns. 

Parallel Politics

At a basic level Parallel Politics could be considered as a process of continuous live petitioning, but, instead of case-by-case petitions, it would be based on a shadow democratic system that raises up public representatives – with a moral authority undiminished by the demands imposed by the increasingly money-driven democracies we know today.

Going forward

To progress the project further we are looking for new drivers to take over the reigns and bring fresh ideas and passionate energies.

The current board will stay in place to provide support but a core part of the job will be to widen the team and find additional resources.

Share options are a possibility but the desire to truly make a difference should be the primary motivator.

A willingness and talent for public speaking would be necessary but also the ability to empower others to share the message and the limelight is as important.

If you are interested please send a link to your LinkedIn CV with a one page covering letter to: