Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Questions to the presidential candidates of Kenya elections 2013

The following questions are proposed openly to all of the candidates running for presidency of Kenya in the elections held on March 2013. We hope that all the candidates would answer them with as concise answers as possible. The more compact the answer, the more comfortable it is for the users to read since they are presented side by side.

The answers of the candidates are published in http://kenya.shadowelection.com/ as soon as we get the first candidate´s answers to the questions. The answers will be rated by the public. 

The questions are sent to the candidates by e-mail and the candidates are asked to return the answers by replying that e-mail. Thank you very much in advance!

1. How would you manage a country with devolved governments? 

2. What policies would you develop to ensure smooth transition to the devolved governments? 

3. How would you ensure the smooth running of the devolved governments?

4. How would your government ensure the judiciary carries out its mandate of ensuring free, fair and expedient justice? 

5. How do you envision the working relationship between the judiciary, the executive and the legislature to be?

6. What policies would you develop to ensure that resources such as oil are managed efficiently with the effect of bringing growth in the entire country? 

7. How do you intend to tackle social issues such as drug abuse and alcoholism? 

8. What is your opinion on gender inequality in Kenya? 

9. How would you handle the issue of prostitution in Kenya?

10. Should the people of same gender be entitled to get married? 

11. How do you intend to manage the national economy as a whole for the next five years? 

12. What sort of fiscal and monetary policies would your government subscribe to stimulate economic growth?  

13. What do you intend to do about runaway inflation?

14. What policies would you come up with to return Kenya to her rightful place as  an agricultural powerhouse, to ensure food security and to improve the balance of payment through agriculture?

15. What would your government's policy position be on income tax, VAT, corporate tax, excise duty, customs duty and fuel levy? 

16. How do you intend to tackle internal and external security threats from terrorist cells, criminal gangs, secessionists groups and external aggressors as in the Migingo island case?

17. What sort of land policies would your government come up with to bring reforms, equality and justice in land distribution?

18. How do you intend to curb the vice of corruption and bring about good governance?

19. What is your commitment level to ensure the new constitution is fully implemented and what time frame do you promise to do this?

20. How do you intend to tackle hard issues such as the integrity issue and gender balance in elective and appointive representation?

21. What is the way forward for universal high-quality healthcare?

22. What is the way forward for universal high-quality pre-primary, primary, secondary and tertiary education? (Shoul Kenyans expect your government to provide free University education?)
23. What is the way forward for affordable public transport and commuter trains?

24. What is your position on infrastructural development and what role do you think public-private-partnership and foreign direct investment should play in infrastructural and industrial development?

25. How do you intend to tackle the issue of unemployment, especially among the youth and how do you propose to create sustainable employment opportunities?

26. How would your government tackle the ICC issue in case of an eventuality of convictions, 

27. What would you propose to do to bring justice to victims of PEV and at the same time bring about peace, cohesion and reconciliation?

28. What would your government do to ensure that PEV never occurs again?

29. If you were not elected, which other presidential candidate would you support and why?

30. Why should you be elected as the next president of Kenya?


  1. Who will be the first to answer these challenging questions?

  2. These are really cool questions. I wish there was a way to present these questions in the Presidential Debate next week, so that more people...especially those who don't have access to the internet can hear how they would answer them.